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We are meant to be.

21 Aug

Mum said she and I are alike. Both of us took our beloved to hospital to see parents for the first time. The coincidence and flashback are too much for me to handle.

We kissed each other on the shoulder at the same time. We thought about the same idea on how to play practical jokes on annoying guys. We have similar tastes when choosing presents or dishes. Even, as soon as I want him, need not to ask, he will phone me and release my sorrow.

For the sake of him, I’m willing to change my ‘S’ to ‘M’, allowing him to influence my thought and behaviour.  I’ll try to weaken my ego, consider more about others’ feelings.

Oh dear, if He won’t let us be together, let’s fly to the moon and rock the world there.


Enter a New Stage

16 Aug

Yesterday our love has entered a new stage.  For the reason of my mum’s sudden bone-break, we went to the hospital to see her. This was his first meeting with my parents. Never did I tell anyone about this plan, and I was the first and last one to know. This idea flashed to my mind, not allowing me to re-think about it.

There is one old saying that you’d better do it naturally rather than according to some plan.  My original plan was to take him home around Nov or Dec. Well, after this event, I don’t know what opinion and feeling my parents entertain in regard to him. We dare not to guess their thoughts. Though the situation is not as complicated as what I’m writing, there must still  be some good things to comb my thought through this platform.

Well, he bought my mother some salty snack but forgot buying some drinks for my father. He asked me if he should return to the FamilyMart to fetch drinks. I answered never mind. We helped to bring a chair and a set of quilt from the ward, had meal at a restaurant just around the corner of the hospital gate, and my father drove us home together. Oops, haha, my father now knows where he lives.

I gave him his b-day present. (His is Dec 25th, but he needs a watch right now.) To my great pleasure, he loves it keenly and of course, is startled at the price. He didn’t have the slightest thought that GUESS worths this price. He told me his friend was heading to USA this week, well, maybe he will send me a COACH bag or purse?  No, no , no. We should listen to my mum’s advice: do not waste money on unnecessary accessories.

I’m glad beyond word. I love hearing his voice along the phone wire and can’t imagine one day without him.